2 thoughts on “Santa’s Birthday Gift sample page

  1. Veronica

    I am very interested in your book and have just ordered it. I however really wanted it for a bible school activity for tomorrow and I won’t receive it in time. Is there anyway you could send me the words to your story so that I might be able to read it to my young children in my bible study tomorrow morning? I can reinforce it next week with the book, but really wanted to introduce it this week by reading it. Thank you for considering this. I have just ordered the book and can’t wait to read it to my own children as well as the group of children at bible study. Thank you!


    1. Sherrill S. Cannon Post author

      Of course, I’ll be happy to send you the words to the story, although I prefer to send them to your email address since I’d prefer they not be available on the blog. I will copy this to what I assume is your home email address. Please confirm receipt of this email at your home email address, and I will attach and send you the file with the words to the story. I hope that your bible study children enjoy it. Please let me know! Sherrill



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