Poem for the New Year… 2011

Happy New Year to all my fans, as well as my long time friends… In honor of our recent “blizzard” and with best wishes for the new year…


 Nature’s waiting heart now sings

As she prepares to wed her king;

As she puts on with loving care

The lacy bridal gown he brings.


As through the fall he did prepare

To wed the matron cold and bare,

Transforms her to a maid again

And puts snow lilies in her hair.


And thus as it has always been,

Their sacred marriage, God attends;

The promised wedding vows to keep,

While all the world breathes the amen.


For from their union, so complete,

In consummation, earth will reap

The wonders of the seeds they sow

As on their wedding night they sleep.


And in her womb, the embryo

Of infant Spring, protected grows

Beneath the blanket of the snow…

The Winter’s wedding gift of snow.

                                   … Sherrill S. Cannon

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