What is writing about? by Sherrill S. Cannon

No More WhiningWhat is writing all about?  For me, it’s all about the children… I want to get my books into as many small hands (and minds) as possible, to try to teach consideration for others and sharing and good manners… (and to stop whining) in such a way that the children learn as they listen.  My books are rhymed, because I have found that most children love rhyme and meter and it’s much easier for them to remember, and all of that helps to establish a love of reading at a very early age. When I read Peter and the Whimper-Whineys  to a group of pre-school children, I had so much fun listening to them as they left the room chanting, “No more whining! No more crying!”  Now that The Magic Word is about to be released, I hope that I can reinforce the concept of saying “Please” and “Thank-You” in the same way – by providing a book that children can fill in the missing word, and really think about using that magic word “Please”.

What a wonderful world this could be!

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