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The Magic Word – Reviewed by Australian Vicki Stanton’s Buzz Words Magazine

Enjoy (Please!)The Magic Word has received a lovely review from Australian Vicki Stanton in her Buzz Words Magazine!  Australian Reviewer enjoys The Magic Word

Almost every child must have been told at one point to use ‘the magic word’. In Sherrill S. Cannon’s The Magic Word Elisabeth Keys has never said thank you, excuse me, or please. The results for the little girl are devastating when she discovers that not one person has accepted her invitation to her birthday party. After a rethink, and a change in her behaviour so that she considers others, 2011-goldElisabeth is delighted that her classmates now like her and accept her invitation.

The Magic Word is written in rhyme and the story moves quickly. The ending is predictable though satisfying for a child reader. The colourful computer-generated illustrations reflect Pinnacle Awardthe text detailing the change in Elisabeth from a selfish, stroppy child to one that respects those around her. The Magic Word has won three awards: a Gold Readers Favorite Award, a NABE Pinnacle Achievement Winner Award, and a Global eBook Finalist Award. The Magic Word would be a useful tool for parents and teachers to reinforce the importance of Dan_Poynter_finalist_GOLDsocial skills. Australians can buy through any online store and the book is printed and shipped from Melbourne.

(The other books will have reviews posted on Oct 5th and Oct 9th. Stay tuned!)

Beautiful Books for Children reviews Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

No More Whining!!!

  2011-bronzeI just received a lovely review from Beautiful Books For Children which I’d like to share!

Beautiful Books for Children reviews Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

2011 Readers Favorites Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze!

2011-goldI am thrilled to share the news that all three of my children’s books are winners in the 2011 Readers Favorites Awards.  

Enjoy (Please!)The Magic Word is a Gold Winner in Children – Concept




Enjoy the gift of ChristmasSanta’s Birthday Gift is a Silver Winner in Children – K-3rd Fable2011-silver




No More Whining!!!Peter and the Whimper-Whineys is a Bronze Winner in Children – K-3rd Fable2011-bronze