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Book-signing Event for WECF Summit

Enjoy (Please!)I had a very successful Booksigning for the WECF Summit conference in PinnacleAchievementAwardNashville, TN. I shared the author table with Jean Chatzky, the Financial Editor of the NBC Enjoy the gift of ChristmasTodayShow!    She


was one of the speakers at the conference. I gave her copies of my books and got a signed copy of one of hers.  Author Connie Elder was also at the table. It was a wonderful experience. My website benefitting the WECF will remain active, for anyone 2011-silverinterested in benefitting scholarships and programs for girls and women.WECFSigning


No More Whining!!!2011-bronze

WECF Link is Live! Support scholarships and programs for girls and women!! Through this site, 50% of the cost of Sherrill S. Cannon’s books goes to WECF

2011-goldEnjoy (Please!)Pinnacle Award Dan_Poynter_finalist_GOLD

The Woman’s Economic Committee Foundation fund-raising program now has a new dedicated fund-raising site! All the books are now Award-Winners, so this would be a wonderful opportunity to share these books as gifts and benefit programs and scholarships for girls and women at the same time! The new link is:

The link to the Women’s Economic Council Foundation supporting scholarships and programs for girls and women is:
50% of the sales of the books go to the Foundation. These books will make lovely gifts for children, and benefit girls and women’s programs at the same time!
Enjoy the gift of Christmas 2011-silver No More Whining!!!2011-bronze