Nice SBPRA Success Story – Thanks, SBG!

Sherrill Cannon – Busy as One of Santa’s ElvesPosted on December 13, 2011

Author Sherrill Cannon is keeping up her busy — and successful — schedule of promoting her work. Cannon’s three rhyming picture books have won SEVEN National Awards this year and Santa’s Birthday Gift is now available at the Washington National Cathedral Store! That was a long-time goal for her. Santa has also been on the best seller list on Amazon for the last several weeks, ranking under 10K overall regularly. It is also part of the “Taste & See” eBook just released by Lorilyn Roberts of the John 3:16 Network. And, Cannon is the featured author on the “What’s Up Sippy Cup?” site this month (as she says, “Don’t laugh”). She is also scheduled for a radio interview on WVIA (Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, PA area next Tuesday) followed by another Barnes & Noble book signing Dec 17th. No wonder Sherrill Cannon is one of SBPRA’s best selling authors. We salute and applaud her efforts!

Check out a recent interview on the website “Wild About Reading” –

2 thoughts on “Nice SBPRA Success Story – Thanks, SBG!

  1. Patrick Lynn

    I was doing some research about SBPRA and stumbled upon this website. I read your story and thought I would comment and see if I could get any additional information about this company from you before I decide to send in my novel.

    1. Do you know if any of SBPRA authors have hit NY Times Best Sellers List?
    2. Are your books being sold on the shelves in major book stores and department stores such as : Walmart, KMart, Target, Barnes & Nobles, etc…?
    3. How great are the royalty checks you have been receiving? Do you get a reasonable percentage?


    1. cannon Post author

      I got your query on my website and will answer as best I can. I have answered privately, but decided to post my answer in case someone else has the same questions..Since you say you are writing a novel, my information might not apply very well – since I write picture books for children. However –
      1) I really don’t know of any SBPRA authors who have hit the NY Times Best Sellers list – but that is not to say that it won’t or hasn’t happened! The latest success excerpts from SBPRA were:
      “Jeffrey Allen’s GoneAway Into the Land has been optioned for film production…
      Don Ayer was interviewed on NBC about his book, The Who’s Next Club – A Cosmetic Surgery Disaster…
      Ila France Porcher and Anita Waggoner have been named to the “50 Great Writers You Should be Reading” List…
      Brenda Jones’ No, I Don’t Want to Play Today: An African Tale About Bullying has won a Mom’s Choice Award…
      Sherrie J. Palm appeared on the PBS show “Second Opinon” to discuss her award-winning book, Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic…”
      Maybe yours could be one of the ones to get us there?!?
      2) Many of our authors of adult books and hard-cover children’s books are on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. I don’t know about the other stores, since I haven’t looked. My books are on the shelves in several small stores, but I am still trying to get them onto the Barnes and Noble shelves. Unfortunately, my book is a children’s softcover Picture Book and my publisher’s printer does not put the titles and authors names on the spine of those books – so Barnes and Noble says they would get lost on the shelf (which I have to admit is a valid objection.) I am still trying to get the printer to manage to correct that problem, since the overall quality of the printed books is awesome.
      3.) I get regular royalty checks each quarter, but the percentage depends on the kind of contract you are offered. I have gotten increasingly better contracts with each of my books they have published, and at this point I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!
      4.) I must add that the only way to find out what kind of contract you would be offered would be to submit your book. So very much depends on the quality of your book, your writing ability and the marketability of your subject matter. You don’t have to accept an offer if you feel it is insufficient. Please know that I will be happy to try to answer whatever other questions you might have. Good luck with your novel!



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