Fundraising Gala Auction in Bonita Springs, FL

I received a very nice mention from Pam Dlugos who has accepted my books as part of an auction by the 2012 Fund Raising Gala for the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs FL.

Pam Dlugos • “I received three great AWARD winning books from author Sherrill S. Cannon that are nicely illustrated by Kalpart Team. Each is written in rhyme. “The Magic Word” and “Peter and The Whimper-Whineys” both demonstrate the value of good manners in fun and creative ways. And my personal favorite is “Santa’s Birthday Gift”. This delightful book cleverly and wondrously weaves the tradition of Santa into the religious story of Christ’s birth. It is no wonder all three of Sherrill’s books have won awards, her work is truly notable.”

Thank you, Pam!

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