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Nice Review for Gimme-Jimmy by author Marta Moran Bishop


Gimme-Jimmy by Sherrill S. Cannon

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by Sherrill S. Cannon (Goodreads Author)


Marta Bishop‘s review

Apr 28, 12
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Sherrill S. Cannon is a master at writing such delightful children’s books. They both teach a lesson without talking down to the child and tell a wonderful story. The illustrations always go wonderfully with the books. I have read all of her children’s books and each one gets better. Gimme-Jimmy is an amusing story of young Jimmy who has a tendency to be selfish and always demanding instead of asking.
Sherrill S. Cannon, has a natural gift for writing for the young, her rhyming verses go a long way to helping a child learn both reading and the lesson at hand in an charming, fun-filled way. Even though written for the very young they do take one back to their own childhood lessons and days.

My McBooks Giveaway – Ella Johnson’s Blog

TheMagicWord Whimper-Whineys CoverSanta'sBdayGift I am proud to be part of a blog giveaway through My McBooks with Ella Johnson.  She gave my books some lovely reviews as well. Please take a look if you get a chance!

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Lovely note from a Reviewer about The Magic Word

TheMagicWord I received this wonderful response from one of my reviewers, which I am happy to share:“I could not be happier to have had the chance to read your wonderful book. I believe children everywhere should read them or have them read to them. The books are beautifully written and ones that should be treasured always. I have now passed the ones you sent me for review on to my 4 year old niece… Her mother has already read her the one about “The Magic Word” and said she was completely delighted. She now sleeps with the book under her pillow. You have a definite 4 year old fan!”

Lovely Review for Santa’s Birthday Gift by Great Minds Think Aloud

Santa'sBdayGift I received a lovely review by Kitty Bullard of Great Minds Think Aloud which I am proud to share…

Review: Another wonderful book from this author, I have often wondered what the best way to incorporate both Jesus and Santa into Christmas in such a way it would make sense to a child how the holiday could be about both aspects without losing the true reason and meaning. In this book, “Santa’s Birthday Gift” Santa is summoned to the birth of the Christ child and is given the ability to deliver presents all over the world to all the children in honor of Jesus’ birthday. I have to say her idea is magnificent and I cannot think of a better way to successfully combine the true spirit of the holiday, with a beloved tradition. I could see this book becoming a treasured read for this time of year, one that would be passed down for years to come. This is a truly beautiful story. Start your own Christmas tradition with this wonderful book.

Santa’s Birthday Gift Review

SBPRA News about New Read-aloud ePub

I just received this exciting news from SBPRA: Debuts Their New Read-Aloud ePub

ePub File for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

ePub File for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys announces that it will release its first Read-Aloud ePub this month to the Apple iBook Store. The Read-Aloud ePub has a fixed page layout that looks like a book and uses a clickable button to start reading the text on any given page.

The Read-Aloud ePub is designed to work on the Apple iPad and is perfect for Children’s picture books. It allows children to follow along while a realistic voice-over reads to them, making this the perfect learning tool to aid in reading development for young children. Additionally, children’s books formatted in this manner make for great ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) material abroad. As with any iPod/iPad player, you can easily add a pair of headphones for following along while in the doctor’s waiting room, airplane, road trip or other quiet places.

This first release is Sherrill Cannon’s Peter and the Whimper-Whineys. For more information on how you can get your book converted to a Read-Aloud ePub and have it uploaded to Apple’s iBook Store, contact

5-Star Review for Gimme-Jimmy by Readers Favorite

5-Star Review

5-Star Review

Gimme-Jimmy received a lovely 5-star Review from Readers Favorite today, which I am pleased to share:

“Gimme-Jimmy” is a delightful children’s book written by Sherrill S. Cannon and illustrated by Kalpart. This is a great story to teach young children good manners, specifically not to be selfish. James, known as Jimmy, is a bully and demanding towards others. Others begin to call him “Gimme-Jimmy” as he is known for his actions and words that are always demanding and about himself. Jimmy’s hand begins to grow and grow until it hurts him to carry it around and it becomes difficult to do everyday tasks. Jimmy begins to be nice and polite and follows his new rule and he discovers this is the best way to act!

This book is written in rhyme and is very “catchy” to read. The illustrations are well done and go along perfectly with the story. “Gimme-Jimmy” is a great tool for teaching manners and get a point across to young children. Obviously a child’s hand is not going to physically grow like that as a result of being selfish, but it is a great start to a discussion with children about what will and does actually happen. Reading this story would be great to go along with a classroom or small group curriculum as it would be an excellent resource or even a way to jumpstart additional activities and discussions pertaining to manners. Jimmy will be a memorable character and this book will be a memorable story to help children remember not to be “gimmes” and follow the polite rule.