Gimme-Jimmy Review by Beautiful Books for Children

Another nice review for Gimme-Jimmy by Beautiful Books For Children –

Gimme-Jimmy Review by Rivka Kawano, Beautiful Books for Children

If you enjoyed Sherrill Cannon’s award winning “The Magic Word” and “Peter and the Whimper Whineys,” then you are sure to love the next in her series of tales all about manners. Reminiscient of the “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” books by Betty MacDonald that I enjoyed as a child, “Gimme-Jimmy” will help you teach your children about sharing with a fable about a little boy whose hand grows everytime he says “Gimme!” Jimmy has such a hard time sharing, that his hand (which he uses to grab and snatch from other kids), starts growing like Pinocchio’s nose. Soon he cannot even walk around without tripping over it, and he thinks he is doomed for good. But his father (who warned him this may happen) tells him the secret – which is to say please, share, and be kind to others. As he does these things his hand shrinks back to its normal size, and he is not “Gimme-Jimmy” anymore! Like her other stories, Sherrill Cannon uses rhyme in this book, and is very explicit about what misbehaviour needs to be corrected. A kind parent figure, and a negative side effect are also commonalities between books. If you have a child who is having trouble sharing, this may be the perfect book to talk to them about what happens when we choose not to share. Your hand may not literally get bigger, but other kids won’t want to share with you, and you will end up feeling just as stuck and alone as the character in the book.

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