Mother Daughter Book Reviews offers prize giveaway, using my children’s books purchased through the CureJM Fundraiser site!

Kid-Lit-Recommended-Reads I received the most wonderful email today!  Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews as well as the Kid Lit Recommended Reads, has offered a set of my books as a prize giveaway on her blog, through my CureJM Fundraising site!  What an awesome way to help the CureJM Foundation…  She is purchasing the books through to use as a prize!  Here is her email:

“I just wanted to let you know that I have two posts up about your fundraising efforts.

Here is the one contained within the Kid Lit Recommended Reads post:

I’ve also decided to do a book giveaway to coincide with what you are doing.  It’s probably best explained through the post itself:

cureJMMy heart has been smiling all day…!

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