Lower Shipping Rates for SBPRA Fundraisers!

7-yr-old Addie

7-yr-old Addie

Great News about the CureJM Fundraiser Site:  Now there is a $2.00 discount on shipping charges!!  SBPRA cares!!

“As a special thank you for helping support CureJM, we would like to give you $2.00 off shipping.”

Shipping costs have always been difficult, since the shipping charges are set by LSI, the printing company, and orders for less than ten or more books at a time suffer from that. Now, for orders through the SBPRA charity fundraisers, the shipping costs will be lower.  (Of course if you decide to one of the Packages – starting at 1 copy of each of the 4 books – you’ll get discounts off the books as well as the shipping!)

Please visit http://sbpra.com/curejm/ and help us find a cure for these kids!!

CureJM Fundraiser

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