CureJM Fundraiser – Please Help!

CureJM Fundraiser Another reminder about the CureJM Fundraiser… Please go to  50% of the cost of the books goes directly to the CureJM Foundation! This is some information from Addie’s mother:

7-yr-old Addie

7-yr-old Addie

JM is a rare disease and its exact incidence is unknown. Estimates from various studies suggest that between 1 and 5 children per million will develop this disease each year. Approximately 1,000 new cases of JM are diagnosed in the United States every year. JM begins in childhood or the teen years. The average age of onset for JDM is between six to seven years old; 25% are age 4 or less. JPM usually develops several years later. JM affects girls twice as much as boys. Once a child is diagnosed with JM, it is always considered to be the juvenile form, even if the patient continues with the disease into adulthood.

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