Manner-Man is available on the CureJM Fundraiser site!



I am pleased to share that Manner-Man is now available on the CureJM Fundraiser site:

Please click here to go to the site:  CureJM Fundraiser

Many of you know and love little Addie, who is featured in our CureJM YouTube video

Please click here to watch the video: CureJM Video

I know you will be happy to know that Addie is now also a character in Manner-Man, and is the little girl in the turquoise blue dress on the cover!!

Addie is also on the Acknowledgements Page, as Captain of the Manner-Man Team, and there are many other children’s names there as team members – many of whom are also suffering with Juvenile Myositis.  We are hoping to help find a cure for this incurable children’s disease.  50% of the cost of the books on the CureJM Fundraiser site goes to the CureJM Foundation to help find a cure!!!

Please share this with your friends and family… Let’s find a cure!!

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