Lovely Review for Manner-Man from Kid-Lit Reviews



Manner-Man received a lovely review from Kid-Lit Reviews:

Manner-Man Review by Kid-Lit Reviews

Above is the link to the review – Here is an excerpt:

“…Manner-Man takes on problem solving and dealing with bullies.  He is the first hero in any of her books, not including the kids who take advice on the chin and change for the better by book’s endManner-Man has the kids solve problems calmly with words, though not words that hurt.  When someone hits, pushes, takes a toy, or any other injustice, he has them shout “Not nice” to the offender…Manner-Man seems to be a combination of the last four books and their messages…Writing rhyming stories, each a lesson in good manners, self-control, and making friends is what Ms. Cannon does best… Peter and the Whimper-Whineys taught kids the perils of being whiney and pestering.  Gimme-Jimmy taught kids about politeness and making friends.  The Magic Word taught the best way to make and keep friends is with the words please and thank you.  Now, Manner-Man is on the scene to bring all of those lessons together… Kalpart again does the illustrations.  This has brought a consistency in the books making them ideal as a series.  The kids are bright-eyed, cheery, and full of life…Manner-Man is a good introduction to Ms. Cannon’s rhythmic style and kid-friendly stories. One of this decade’s prolific children’s authors, Ms. Cannon writes with ease. Her books are great read-alouds and make wonderful books for kids with advanced beginner reading skills.”

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