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San Diego Examiner’s Wonderful Manner-Man Review



Lovely review by Victoria Ross of Manner-Man in the San Diego Examiner

Manner-Man Review…

“I am strong, and my flash is bright, And I will defend you and make things all right.” These are the magic words to call upon Manner-Man – a superhero who can help control bullies and teach children ways to be considerate of others.

Manner-Man is the latest gift from author, Sherrill S. Cannon. It is a gift to children and parents. This is a wonderful book to be shared within the family of parents, grandparents, siblings, as well as read together with teachers at preschools and Sunday schools.

Manner-Man arrives, shouting “To the Rescue”, helping children learn about sharing and warning about not ‘hitting with words.’ He teaches that if someone starts pushing, just shout out “not nice!”

Ms. Cannon incorporates messages and characters found within some of her earlier books – helping children learn how to cope with bullies and look within themselves for their inner superhero! What a constructive and positive way to help children lead by example. This book empowers children to grow as a leader of positive actions, which benefit all around them!

This is the fifth rhyming children’s book by this award-winning author whose other bestselling books include Gimme-Jimmy, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys and Santa’s Birthday Gift.

Former teacher Sherrill S. Cannon has won a dozen awards for her four previous rhyming books and is also the author of six published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children. She has been called “a modern day Dr.Seuss” – GMTA Review

Publisher’s website:

50% off for CureJM: this is a site that displays 50% of the book proceeds go to a cure.

The Cure JM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-managed organization dedicated to finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM). JM is a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune conditions affecting approximately 17,000 children in the United States alone. Visit the Cure JM Foundation website.


Another 5-Star Review for Manner-Man!

Superhero for Kids

Superhero for Kids

I was very happy to find another 5-Star review on amazon – and so very pleased with what this mother writes:

“I got this book as a gift for my 4 year old son who is OBSESSED with super heroes. To my surprise, unlike the millions of other superhero books he gets, this one had such a great message. As the mother of a boy I try hard to instill in my son the idea that he can be tough and “boyish” but he can also be kind. This book was the perfect tool to drive home the message. Super heroes are already cool in his eyes — so seeing how Manner Man was always coming to rescue kids who were not treated nicely showed my son that it is cool to stick up for your friends and to call people out on it when they are not being nice. I love this book and so does my son!”

Thanks so much to “Cool Mom”…!

Nice Note from Kristi’s Book Nook



I received this nice note from Kristi’s Book Nook…Hope you’ll make the time to take a quick look! (poetry always…)

“…I have been seeing your book all over the blogosphere. Congratulations! I have posted my review and will be promoting your book at Kristi’s Book Nook on 2/27/13. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”  Kristi


Lovely Review of Manner-Man by Mother Daughter Book Reviews



Lovely Review of Manner-Man by MotherDaughterReviews… only this time it’s Mother Son Book Reviews!!

Book Review: Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 09:14 PM PST

Review of Sherrill Cannon’s new picture book, Manner-Man by Mother and Son. This post also contains information about the CureJM Foundation. SON SAYS: This book teaches about how to stand up to bullies when someone is being mean to you or a friend. I learned that I should stand up for my friends who are being bullied. I already do that. MOM SAYS: I love the message behind Manner-Man. Not only does it provide direction for what to do when someone is bullying you, but importantly, it goes a step further to teach children that they also have a responsibility to look out for their friends or anyone else who is being bullied – thus the “Manner-Man Team” approach.
I was pleased to note that the Reviewer’s children loved having their names on the Acknowledgements Page of Manner-Man.  This was because before the publication of Manner-Man, MotherDaughterReviews generously donated to the CureJM Foundation through my CureJM Fundraiser, and purchased all of my books through the Fundraiser to use as Book Giveaways on her site.  (Many other donor’s children also have their names in the book, so please take a look!)  So a very big THANK YOU to a Reviewer who supports CureJM in such a thoughtful way.  If any of you would like to help us find a cure, please visit

Nice Note about Manner-Man!

Manner-Man is Here!!!

Manner-Man is Here!!!

Nice note from a reader who had just received her copy of Manner-Man in the mail!

“I happened to have my two school aged daycare children with me at the time, and the 7 year old read to me out loud until we reached our destination. (He has yet to finish, and is looking forward to it)! We were in the car on our way out and stopped to gather the mail on the way. The subject matter is so relatable and is so important to teach our children. All of your books are terrific and I thoroughly enjoy each and every one!”

So nice to hear from readers…!


Great 5-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite for Manner-Man!



I was thrilled to receive an awesome 5-Star review for Manner-Man by Joy Hannabass for Readers’ Favorite!

Manner-Man Review by Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers’ Favorite

It is not Super-Man, it is Manner-Man! I thoroughly enjoyed Sherrill Cannon’s new children’s book “Manner-Man.” Ms. Cannon has a unique ability to teach children very valuable behavioral lessons through her awesome writing. And the rhyming style of writing makes the story fun and enjoyable and easy to read. And the neat thing about Ms. Cannon’s books is that they are not only fun for children, they are just as much fun for adults. And if “Manner-Man” says something, we are supposed to listen to it, right?

This is the first book I have read by Sherrill Cannon, and I am so very impressed with “Manner-Man.” I think giving you an example of what is in this book will help you decide to purchase it for your child’s library, so here is one of my favorite verses in “Manner-Man”:

My new hero Manner-Man’s big and he’s strong.

He helps to teach children what’s right and what’s wrong.

He teaches good manners, so take his advice:

If someone starts hitting, just shout out, “Not nice!”

But also be careful to not hit with words,

For sometimes that hurts worse each time it occurs.

To call people names that are not very kind,

Will hurt your friends’ feelings, I think you will find.

And the cool thing is, this book is packed full of lines just like this. And teaching many issues that are so important to build into the character of our children, this author makes it so easy and exciting. And you will find that the awesome and unique illustrations created by Kalpart bring the pages of this book to life. The pictures just fit the story so very well. This is a book I highly recommend for all parents and guardians, and any library that holds children’s books. You cannot go wrong with “Manner-Man”.