Awesome Review of Manner-Man on From Meredith to Mommy

Madison's BookThis is little Madison, claiming “her” book.  Here is the review:

“We have spent a lot of time recently reading books.  Madison’s book fascination has gone in waves. She had period where she could NOT get enough reading. Then she had no interest in being read to and only wanted to read to us. Now she’s back to wanting to be read to all the time. We tend to read the same books over and over again.  Therefore, when I was offered the opportunity to review another of Sherrill Cannon’s books, I jumped at the chance. A new book and more manners!  Fabulous!

Just as when we read The Magic WordMadison was fascinated by the rhythm and rhyme of the story. She followed along with the story.  She recognized the emotions and personalities of the bullies and victims (that boy is sad, that boy is mean, that girl is scared).  I know she’s on the younger side of targeted readers, but she definitely was engaged and picked up the story well.  She was very excited to revisit characters from previous books!
As a parent, and of course, thinking as a teacher, I like how Manner-Man talked about hitting with hands and hitting with words, and how neither is ok and both can hurt.  The solution is never to hit back, but to respond with “not nice” and stand up for others.Madison had a very tough time when I took the book away to keep it nice enough for a giveaway, and that’s always a positive review.  She’s asked for it several times since I hid it upstairs, and that lets me know it’s a hit! Good for home, good for school, good for any situation where kids need some additional reminders about how to interact politely.  I would definitely recommend this book, as well as Sherrill Cannon’s other books, for anyone who wants to encourage children to behave their best.”
Note from Sherrill:  After I read this, I sent Madison a book of her own!!!

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