Thanks to Kathryn Starke of Creative Minds Publications for sharing The Magic Word

The Magic Word - 6 AwardsI received a lovely note from Kathryn Starke of Creative Minds Publications.

“Hope you’re doing well! Just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I shared Magic Word with a well known preschool in Richmond, VA as I thought it would be the perfect match for their “Manners” unit. It was a hit and well received!”

Kathryn’s website is

A little bit about Kathryn:  “Creative Minds Publications focuses on promoting literacy, as well as creative and educational materials for children that motivate children to read, think and learn.  Kathryn Starke, an elementary school reading specialist in Richmond, Virginia, started the company in 2005 to promote her first book entitled Amy’s Travels.  She works with elementary school teachers to understand how to utilize Amy’s Travels and other children’s books to meet content area standards of instruction.

With Kathryn’s teaching experience in urban school systems, she sees first hand that all children can learn to read and, in turn, read to learn when provided with quality literature that is enriched with child friendly text and illustrations.  Kathryn continues to work with fellow educators to promote their own creative materials for today’s youth and always welcomes new ideas and projects that engage children in reading.”

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing The Magic Word!!!

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