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Another 5-Star Review for Manner-Man

Manner-Man's 1st Award

Manner-Man’s 1st Award

Thank-you Stacie for your lovely review of Manner-Man on BeachBound Books!

Manner-Man Review

“Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon uses the power of a superhero to teach children the importance of being kind to others through their words and actions.Picture

When a little boy faces a bully at school he is at a loss as to what to do. That night, as he sleeps he hears these words “I am strong, and my flash is bright, And I will defend you and make things all right.” He learns that these words are used to summon Manner-Man, a superhero who fends off bullies and unkind words by teaching children to treat others as they want to be treated. Manner-Man is a hero who “helps to teach children what’s right and what’s wrong” and encourages them to stand up for good everyday.

Sherrill S. Cannon uses playful rhyme to engage readers all while teaching them the important lessons of sharing with others, being kind, and never using words that hurt. I love that she chose to incorporate some of the characters from her other books. Jimmy from Gimmie-Jimmy and Elisabeth from The Magic Word  team up with Manner-Man and help enforce the lessons they learned in their respective stories.

The illustrations by Kalpart are delightful. I especially like their depiction of Manner-Man who exhibits classic superhero qualities and characteristics.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Manner-Man so your child can join the Manner-Man Team.”

Gimme-Jimmy featured on SBPRA Author Marketing Ideas Promotion

GJ3Many thanks to my publisher, SBPRA, for featuring Gimme-Jimmy on it’s Author Marketing Ideas YouTube Promotion, Read This! The Book Review Show.

SBPRA authors can have video book reviews posted on this site, and this is a sample of what can be posted for interested authors.

My segment begins at 4:39 into the YouTube presentation, which follows a review of Howard Jordan, Jr’s 101 Reasons to Leave New York.

Gimme-Jimmy has just won its third award:  2013 Reader Views

Read This! The Book Review Show

Sherrill S. Cannon’s Plays Performed Internationally

Lazy Bee ScriptsI just got a note from the publisher of my children’s plays, Lazy Bees Scripts, and was fascinated by the countries where my six plays have been purchased and performed in 2013!  In addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, they’ve been performed recently in Australia, Ireland, Poland, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, and Spain!

If you are interested in children’s plays for elementary schools, please visit  Lazy Bee Scripts  ( and look for author Sherrill S. Cannon.  Most of the plays are co-authored with my daughter, Kerry E. Gallagher, who has been an elementary school teacher for twenty years.

Kalpart adds Awards Stickers to my Covers!

My awesome illustrator, Kalpart, has prepared .jpgs of both Manner-Man and Gimme-Jimmy with their new award stickers on them!


Here is Gimme-Jimmy with its third award, a 2013 Reader Views award

And Manner-Man with its first, an NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award

Manner-Man's 1st Award

Manner-Man’s 1st Award

Manner-Man wins Pinnacle Achievement Award!

Pinnacle Achievement Award

Pinnacle Achievement Award

I am pleased to announce that Manner-Man has won its first award:



A NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award in the Children’s Interest category.

Now all of my books are Award-Winning, and I am pleased that this is the 14th Award for my books.

I am grateful to all who have made this possible, including SBPRA… especially my awesome illustrator for all my books, Kalpart!

Awesome Review of Manner-Man – 10 Stars!!!

I asked Kingdom Expansion of Christian Book Marketing if they had completed a review of Manner-Man, and here is the awesome reply:
“Yes, and she loved it as our daughter did also. Here is the review that she put together.


Title: Manner-Man

By: Sherrill S. Cannon
Review Date: April 5, 2013
Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Manner-Man by multi-published and award-winning author, Sherrill S. Cannon, is a delightful and colorfully illustrated book that teaches children life-lessons gleaned from Jesus’ teaching – Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.
Being the fifth rhyming book from the author, the story captures children’s hearts and minds through a superhero named “Manner-Man.”  He comes to the rescue when called upon and his motto is, “I am strong, and my flash is bright, and I will defend you and make things all right.”
The book encourages children to repeat this motto and is a reminder for children to call upon their inner-strength of the light within them that is, of course, the light of Jesus shining brightly through them.  Brilliantly entertainingly, this tale of the superhero, Manner-Man, gives little ones a solution to bullying that lovingly instructs and encourages polite manners, sharing and treating others with love and respect, especially with our words.
Having read this story to my eight year-old daughter, I must admit, I was sweetly surprised by her enthusiasm as she raised her three little fingers in accordance with the characters of the book that so heroically called upon their superhero “Manner-Man.”  My daughter was completely engaged with the story and the presentation of the tale by the way of a rhyming adventure. The book also kept her attention to the very end.
In the end, we were able to discuss what to do about bullying or what to do when kids are not so nice.  I would highly recommend this book for school age children to instruct them on godly behavior and what to do when someone is not nice.
A wonderful and unforgettable bedtime story!
Be sure to get your copy of Manner-Man at Amazon where you will also find Sherrill’s other children’s books.
Sharing children’s books through the power of Christian Book Marketing.

Manner-Man – part of International Children’s Day – read live on Beautiful Books for Children tomorrow!!



I am reading Manner-Man on Beautiful Books for Children as part of the International Children’s Day event tomorrow at 11:30 EST!  Please tune in to listen

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