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JoAnn Ross response to a FB post…

Cute response from JoAnn Ross to a comment I made on her FB page…

“Sherrill! What fun to see you here!  Thanks again for writing such a wonderful play I could use in Christmas in Shelter Bay!”

It’s nice when NY Times Best-Selling authors take the time to help Amazon best-selling children’s authors’ books and plays!!!

My Play, ABC December, to be included in a new JoAnn Ross novel!

Lazy Bee ScriptsI received this awesome eMail today from Best Selling Author, JoAnn Ross, who requested she be able to use ABC December, a play written with my daughter Kerry Gallagher for elementary school children, in her new novel to be released in November 2013.

“It’ll be in my “Christmas in Shelter Bay” (a novella that’s the 7th story in my NYT bestselling series and one readers have been all asking for) in Penguin Book’s Christmas on Main Street anthology. I’m also including you and Kerry in the dedication. 🙂

Here’s a link to the cover, which I think is really pretty. (Scroll down past Castaway Cove.)  I’ll be out Nov 6th, and if you send me your mailing address, I’ll send you a copy!

Thanks for writing such a darling play. My heroine’s a kindergarten teacher and I needed a holiday play for an elementary school that didn’t get one group of people mad at me for not having a Christmas play, and the other side mad for pointing out I put a possibly illegal Christmas play instead of a winter one in the play.  So, I thanks to you, I was able to include an angel, a dreidel, a tree, and Kwanzaa.  Which should keep everyone happy!  lol

Have a lovely summer,


SBPRA places books on shelves in the Taiwan Bookstore in Beijing

Award-Winning Books

Award-Winning Books

I received this awesome eMail from SBPRA!  So thrilled…!!!

It gives us immense pleasure and honor to report to you about the success of our efforts on your behalf as a result of your participation with our company. As you are aware, we are the recognized Western Territory Sales Agency for the Beijing International Book Fair and we have built the largest database of exhibiting publishers and rights agencies in the world as part of our travels.
With just over 1.3 billion people living in China, this country has quickly become one of the most sought-after business markets in recent history. The growth and stature of the Chinese market lures in publishers on a global scale with English language titles at the forefront. It has recently been mandated that all children in China learn English during their early years. This, in combination with the country’s growing demand for American literature and innovative ideas, provides authors and publishers alike with global opportunity.
Two hundred of our titles were approved by the Chinese Government for import and were selected by the Taiwan bookstore in Beijing to be placed on their shelves and sold to local readers. Now we have one of the largest English book display sections in the entire store. In the U.S. especially, book sales are dominated by online retailers like Amazon, and we have seen the demise of many popular bookstore chains over the last few years. It is inspiring to see that in China the tangible still holds strong, and it is the physical “books on a shelf” that serve as the dominant sales point in the book markets.
Please note that this partnership was set up by BSBRA between the bookstore and your publisher SBPRA in regard to fulfilling the print orders requested by the store for display…  The books are sitting on a bookstore shelf in Beijing being viewed by millions of people, which is something you should be extremely proud of.
To see our Vice President Ms. Kait Neese’s latest blog post visiting this bookstore in Beijing (with pictures), please click here:
We hope to see you Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about your recent success! This is truly one of those moments when you can be very proud.
Expo Team



Have your work edited before publication! Thank you to Liam Moiser for his note.

sherrillheader1I get a lot of questions from potential and emerging authors about SBPRA, and I have an entire page here on my website about SBPRA info.  One of the things I most encourage is to suggest all authors have their work edited before publication.  I’m all for “self-publishing” or any other publishing, but “self-editing” should never happen. It is almost impossible to edit one’s own work!   Nothing seems to turn off a reader (and potential buyer) more quickly than misspelled words, poor punctuation, and a lack of grammar.

I received this nice note from a young SBPRA author, Liam Moiser, who wrote, “Thank you for the advice on editing, I went with it and it looks beautiful, now I have just signed off on it and I must admit I read through it four times and it’s amazing, I can’t believe what they have done for me, I saw the mistakes that I have missed and some of them I couldn’t believe because when I was reading it in my head it looked right but obviously it wasn’t, anyway I am getting excited and nervous at the same time because the next stage is the text block design, everything is awesome and the company is just amazing to work with.”

Since this is not only my website, but also my blog, I wanted to share this with everyone.   So please have your work edited.  It will be one of your best investments!