Nice note from a CureJM Supporter!

Award-Winning Books

Award-Winning Books

I received the following note from Jordan Evans, a supporter of the CureJM Foundation:

“I look forward to reading your children’s books! I don’t have children but I love to collect children’s books for either my children one day or if I ever decide to open a childcare center!!! These books will be extra special to me.  Thanks for helping CureJM.”
I hope that many of you may do the same.  I have added the following to the comments section of the Buy-Page of the CureJM Fundraiser:
Please leave your name if you would like us to notify the CureJM Foundation of your contribution, along with any comments you would like to share.  If you would like your name, or a child’s or a loved one’s name in the Acknowledgements page of Sherrill’s new 2014 book, “My Finger-Paint Masterpiece”, please leave it here!
Please visit the Fundraising Page at CureJM Fundraiser
(Please also note that you now know the title of my 2014 Release!!)

2 thoughts on “Nice note from a CureJM Supporter!

  1. Lu Ann Worley

    I would love to do some book reviews for you. I am always lacking in my Children’s section part of my book reviews site Following is an intro. letter of my site and policies.

    Although I have been officially reviewing books for a year and a half,
    I just opened my new review blog in June.
    I would appreciate it if you would visit my site, leave a comment, and
    “Follow ” me on any of the social medias.

    In exchange for a printed/audio copy, I would love to read and review your book(s).
    However, I no longer accept ebooks in exchange for book reviews.
    There are LITERALLY thousands of ebooks on my device that authors have
    requested a review on. The ONLY way I can feel compensated for my time is
    with a printed/audio copy in exchange for an honest review. I, then, either keep it in my library and allow family and close friends to borrow them with an agreement that they send in a review. Those books I do not keep, I donate to a local library and encourage them to ask for reviews.
    This way it is a win/win situation.

    You are welcome to check out the reviews on my site. I also submit my reviews
    to Goodreads (under Lu & LAWonder10) or on Amazon, Barnes& Nobles &
    Smashwords, under LAWonder10. In addition, I list on various Christian sites and
    am now a part of The Library Thing, as well.

    If I can be of service to you or any colleague, please contact me.
    Thank you for connecting with me.

    Lu Ann


    1. Sherrill Cannon Post author

      Hi Lu Ann – I am sharing this on my site in case there are others who would like to send you some books to review. Thanks so much for your kind offer. Please send me a mailing address! Sherrill



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