Another Wonderful Review from Sarah Mazor for The Magic Word – Children’s Books That Promote Good Values

Winner of 6 Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

Another wonderful review from Sarah Mazor, this time for The Magic Word:

The Magic Word Review from Sarah Mazor

MazorBooks Reviewer:
With the help of inspired rhymes and lovely illustrations The Magic Word tells the story of Elisabeth Keys, a friendless little girl, who discovers the magic of being polite.

Sherrill S. Cannon, the author of this adorable book and a grandmother herself, still hears her mother’s voice in her head. “What’s the Magic Word?” her mother inquired way back when, as did my mother and many other moms who believed in teaching their kids manners.  I heartily encourage mothers and fathers and all caregivers of little ones, whether or not they have already introduced their charges to the magic words of “thank you” and “please,” to acquire Mrs. Cannon’s The Magic Word and reinforce the message time and again.

Please and thank you!

And Thank You to You, Sarah Mazor!!!


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