Awesome Review of Manner-Man by Mazor Books

MM2I am honored by the awesome review of Manner-Man by Sarah Mazor of Mazor Books.  “Mazor Books promotes children’s books and children’s books’ authors who celebrate good values and seek to enhance children’s intellectual growth, emotional health and physical well-being.”

Please click here for review:   Mazor Books Review of Manner-Man

“MazorBooks Reviewer:
The superhero of superheroes arrived in town!
True, Batman and Spider-Man and their ilk save the innocent from the claws of evil men, but seriously, how relevant and applicable are they to your kids’ lives?

Enter Manner-Man!

Author Sherrill S. Cannon’s creation ought to be introduced in every household with kids and to all teachers and children’s counselors!  Indeed, Manner-Man’s prowess and his influence on kids’ comportment and their social interaction will overshadow the legends of Superman and Wonder Woman! And, mark my word: As the legend of Manner-Man spreads and thrives so will the quality of families’ lives around the globe.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s delightful and award-winning style displayed in Peter and the Whimper-Whineys and The Magic Word is present in this lovely book as well, as the author manipulates words and phrases and renders them deliciously rhymed.”

Thank you Sarah…


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