October is National Bullying Prevention Month – Call on “Manner-Man”!



I received a very nice note from Sharon Fialco, author of the Starabella Book Series which also deals with the issue of young children and bullying…  Manner-Man is a Superhero who helps children cope with bullying!!

Sherrill, I just want to add this about your books – your fun and gentle approach is wonderful. The very youngest children should be taught proper social behavior in a gentle, entertaining way. These are their learning years. The Starabella books do the same. Most children are very unhappy to see their peers treated unfairly or cruelly. We want to encourage them be pro-active and know that standing up for another is the “cool” thing to do. We also want to show kids who bully a much better way to feel good about themselves. www.starabella.com
By Sharon Fialco

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