Crystal’s Tiny Treasures Review of Santa’s Birthday Gift

Santa's Birthday Gift is a hit!

Santa’s Birthday Gift is a hit!

Thank you to Crystal’s Tiny Treasures for the nice review of Santa’s Birthday Gift.

Santa’s Birthday Gift Review

“In beautiful rhyming meter, Sherrill tells the story of of a toy maker who sees a light in the sky and hears of baby Jesus’ birth.  He wants to take one of his toys as a gift to him.  Tristan’s favourite part of the book is when Santa and his reindeer run out of snow.

He traveled a long way, then ran out of snow,

And wasn’t sure how he’d be able to go.

So he offered a prayer as he looked to the sky

And suddenly his reindeer were able to fly!

With Santa’s giving heart, he not only gave a gift to Jesus, he also gave gifts to everyone in attendance.  With each gift he gave, another one appeared in his sack.  His gift to Jesus was to return and give presents to all the good boys and girls around the world each year, and thus Sherrill weaves the mystery of Santa and the Nativity together.

This book has been a great hit in our home!”

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