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Now the “Follow Me” is up and running!

Now the “Follow Me” allows you to sign up to get notification of my Website Posts by email messages.  Yay!!  (Now I just hope you sign up for it!)  I must say it was fun to go to my husband’s computer to have him “Follow Me”… It doesn’t happen all that often! (lol)

imageNow that my new book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, is on its way to the printer, I’m going to share some of my reviews from my Junior Reviewers.  I asked several of them to read the book ahead of time – without illustrations – to get some feedback along the way.  I will be delighted to share them with you!  Please stay tuned!

Slight roadblock on my Website… Sorry!

Apparently my website is a “Work in Progress” – and what used to be the RSS button is now “Follow Sherrill” – only it is being corrected because right now it leads to Podcasts.

Also, please ignore the “Contact” and Author sign-up box on the right, since that is not directed properly yet either!

It’s all a miscommunication from me to my wonderful Webmaster, so I take full blame…

Stay tuned for notification when the website is up and running properly, with a Follow button that actually allows you to enter your email address and get my blog feeds whenever they are posted!

Thanks for your patience!


New “Follow” link on my Website – See RSS at top right!

Please click the RSS feed to Follow my posts!!!

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!


My website now has an RSS feed at the top of the page, which will allow you to “follow” my website and blogs, instead of having to Bookmark the page!  I hope I will find lots of new friends this way!!!

Thank you, Robert Fletcher, CEO at SBPRA

Robert Fletcher - SBPRA CEO

Robert Fletcher – SBPRA CEO

I met with my publisher, CEO Robert Fletcher, while down in the Keys… I thanked him for all SBPRA has done for the CureJM Foundation! Stay tuned for more PR announcements about the which is my Fundraiser site where 50% of the cost of my books goes directly to the CureJM Foundation.


Thanks for the Cute Comment!

imageI got the cutest comment on my Facebook Fan Page today, (Sherrill S. Cannon Fan Page) from Kelly Ross Mayberry, in response to the posting of the cover of my new book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

“We can’t wait!!! Love love love your books!!!!!”

So now my heart is smiling….

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece – Acknowledgements

This is my Acknowledgements section for My Fingerpaint MasterpieceimageThank you to all of you for all that you do to help me share my books!


 Thank you as always to my publisher SBPRA  – especially Robert, Kait and Lynn

And also to Ellen, Denise, Suzann, Felicia, Kim, Lee, and Roger

Special thanks to my Junior Reviewers:  Addie, Alexandra, Brenna and Cassandra

Love and Hugs to Alyssa, Daisy, Jordy, Katie, Matthew, and Maya – as well as Eldon and Tristan –        and Alaina and Ashlyn too!

With gratitude to those who continue to help me share my books with others:

Shari, Tertia, Donna, Barbara, Rosalie, Amy, Julian, and Pat

Thanks to my family: Kim, Cailin, Paulo, Kerry, John, Kell, Steph, KC, Christy, Megan

Thank you Robert Fletcher, CEO of SBPRA! – Tweets for CureJM

Good Manners and Consideration for Others!How awesome are these tweets from the CEO of SBPRA?  How many publishers do you know who would take the time to help the CureJM Foundation?  Please share!  Let’s find a cure!!

‪@MichaelPhelps please RT? a great cause:) Help ‪@sherrillcannon help MannerMan ‪#CureJM Worthy cause


‪@Pink can you RT? a great cause:) Help ‪@sherrillcannon help MannerMan ‪#CureJM Worthy cause


‪@taylorswift13 can you RT? a great cause:) Help ‪@sherrillcannon help MannerMan ‪#CureJM Worthy cause


‪@ABFalecbaldwin can you RT? a great cause:) Help ‪@sherrillcannon help MannerMan ‪#CureJM Worthy cause


Help ‪@sherrillcannon ‪@curejm help Manner Man ‪#CureJM every purchase contributes to a worthy cause

Two cute reviews for Manner-Man and Peter and the Whimper-Whineys – Thank you Jessica and Jack!



5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Way To Teach Manners, January 11, 2014

This review is from: Manner-Man 
This book was sent to my sons and it arrived in time for my son Jack’s birthday. He has been reading it every day since. He loves it! This coming from a kid who loves reading non-fiction books. He stopped reading it long enough to ask me what the author meant by “butt in line” because we say “cut in line”. The book is wonderful and has helped Jack already. He has been reading it aloud when his youngest brother, Ryan who is 2 years old, is in the room. I’ve always taught my kids manners but as I recently told Jack when he first read the title of the book, “just because you think you know something doesn’t mean you can’t learn more.” It never hurts to encourage manners even if your kids already know their manners. Sometimes you might miss something. I think Jack is discovering that with this book. Get this book to help encourage manners in your kids! Just don’t forget that they learn by example as well.
No More Whining!

No More Whining!

5.0 out of 5 stars I’m Gonna Have to Read It Again, January 20, 2014

This review is from: Peter and the Whimper-Whineys 
I received this book last week and I had wanted to get a review up before now but life gets in the way so here it is now. I thought this was a really cute book. I had my 9 yr old read it which he saw it was from the same author as Manner Man and he grabbed it immediately. He read it and when he was done I asked him if he had liked it. He said, “Not as much as Manner Man. But I’m gonna have to read it again to make sure.” Now that should be a review for you. He has to read it again to make sure he doesn’t like it as much as another book. I would say that’s a definite like. Now if only Ms. Cannon had one about tattle-telling.