Lovely Review from Schools n More for Manner-Man!



I received a lovely review from Schools n More for Manner-Man, which is also a giveaway on their site:

Manner-Man Review

Manner-Man by Sherill S. Cannon is an enjoyable book for kids in lower elementary school and even slightly younger ones. It tells the story of a little boy whose toy is grabbed by another boy. His mother advises him to think of a solution when he’s in bed that night and that’s how Manner-Man comes alive!

Manner-Man has all the qualities of a great superhero – say the magic words to call upon him, and he appears in a flash shouting “To the Rescue”! He teaches kids the appropriate responses to bullying behavior and forms a team of kids who help protect other kids. For imaginative kids who want to join the Manner-Man-team (like my 5 year old) there is a cut-out badge at the end of the book. The author will also send a Manner-Man sticker for those who contact her on her website.

Award-winning author and former teacher, Sherill S. Cannon has written the book in an enjoyable rhyming form. Illustrations are bright and cheerful with colorful pages. Even my 8 year old enjoyed reading the book though he skeptically informed his brother that superheroes aren’t real. As a mom, I liked the message that everybody has a superhero inside them, which they can call upon when they are in trouble. Manner-Man has also won the 2013 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and the 2013 Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal Award

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