Awesome News! SBPRA clears name, with “no admission of guilt and no violation of the law!”

Please check out this wonderful resolution to the frivolous lawsuit, caused by allegations posted by several rumormongers…!!

Florida Literary Agency – Publisher Reaches Settlement on FDUTPA Litigation with Florida Attorney General

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Hello Everyone:
I wanted to share this article with the group:

Robert Fletcher, CEO, successfully overcomes damaging allegations and declares that a settlement is a victory when dealing with any government agency.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

“Anytime a business settles litigation with a government agency with no admission of guilt and no violation of the law, it can be considered a victory,” said Robert Fletcher, the CEO of a group of companies that have been dealing with government litigation for over six years. “Unfortunately, most consumers believe that litigation equals guilt, but that simply isn’t true. Had we been guilty of anything, this particular no-admit clause would not have been in the settlement agreement.”

Whereas the Attorney General and the Settlement Defendants enter into this Settlement Agreement without any admission either of guilt, or that the Settlement Defendants have violated the law.

“This suit should never have been filed,” Mr. Fletcher continued. “If the litigation had any merit, they would have pushed it harder and not taken six years to deal with it. Furthermore, Theresa Edwards, the attorney who filed against us was asked to leave her job for ethical and competency issues and we believe that the former Attorney General, Bill McCollum allowed the suit to get more votes in a failed attempt to get re-elected. Mr. Fletcher went on to say that, “Settlement was the best action for our constituents as it allows us to concentrate on the future and not continue to pour money down the legal drain hole of America’s quasi-political legal process. Most importantly, we want our authors to realize that this litigation did not include our current businesses. The suit was only directed at older companies that had a completely different business model and had already been dissolved”.

Mr. Fletcher concluded by looking to the future. “With this settlement, our family of authors and employees can rest assured that our business principles are sound and fair. I am extremely happy for our authors, clients, and employees who have had to deal with the uncertainties of this misguided litigation for the last six years. We have now formally put this behind us and we feel stronger than ever. Let’s get back to business. We have our clients’ books to publish and sell and distribute around the world. And we would like any potential client that turned away from us because of this issue to please reconsider joining us.”

For more information, please contact:
Ellen Green, Press Manager

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