A Nice Thank-you and Endorsement…

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

I received the following message from a mother (and grandmother) about my new book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece.  Thank you, Donna…

Sherrill S. Cannon’s newest book “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” is now available and Cassandra and Addie ofAddie’s Angels were 2 of the Junior Reviewers on it. They are so excited that it is now released. The book is really awesome and teaches a very good lesson to the children. All children should have at least one copy of each of Sherrill’s books. My grandbaby who is 3 before her books would not sit down to listen to a book before and with these books, she actually brings them to me. She knows the words by heart now. They are worth every penny and 50% of the proceeds (through CureJm Fundraiser) also go to CURE JM to help children like Cassandra and Addie and many more children that suffer from this horrible debilitating disease.

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