Lovely Review of Gimme-Jimmy by Daycare Owner

The Daycare Gang

The Daycare Gang

I read Gimme-Jimmy to my Daycare Children; ranging in ages from 18 months to 6 years old. I was astonished and amazed how ALL the children sat quietly as their eyes remained glued to the pages and words of this book. This has never happened before and I was truly blown away by their responses and actions following the book reading.

After reading this story, each child sat a moment to reflect and started asking questions about sharing and being a good friend. Then they went to their toys and started sharing and playing nicely together as the message about ‘sharing’ stuck into their little brains. It was truly the BEST day of daycare ever! They asked me to read it again and again all week long and when their parents came to pick them up, Gimme-Jimmy was the topic they would first relate to their parents. Their excitement in this wonderful story also made me thrilled to read it over and over. This is clearly our new favorite book and one that we will cherish forever. I just cannot say enough good things about this book. Sherrill Cannon is a uniquely talented author with skills that connect children to everyday and important lessons! The meaningful lessons stick with the children and are fun books to read!!

Not only is this a unique and fun rhyming story, but this book teaches a lesson about being greedy and not sharing with friends. Jimmy’s hand keeps growing each time he is selfish and says “Gimme.” He internalizes his actions and realizes that this is not working for him as he prepares to make an astonishing change in his life. The plot is solid and the illustrations are brilliantly done. I truly believe this book should be on the shelves of all schools, libraries, early learning centers, daycares and in every home! It is that powerful! Way to go Sherrill, you have us all buzzing about this book and I am definitely recommending this book to all of my daycare parents and school teacher friends.. and everybody on Facebook! Thank you for making a difference in this world with your wonderful books.

Book Review done by: Rita K. Vetsch (Author of The Many Colors of Friendship and Daycare Owner)





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