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Cute note about a small fan…

Winner of 6 Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

From a mother…

Kallista is so cute this week being polite and using the Magic Word, I mean actually saying ‘I’ve said the Magic Word’!  After politely asking for a cup of water.  And we’re working on Phil saying ‘Give that to me.’  But he may be a tougher nut to crack!

Nice Start for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece – #1 Ranking!

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

Fun Rankings on for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece!

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
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 (2 customer reviews)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #91,603 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

#1 in Books > Children’s Books > Growing Up & Facts of Life > Friendship, Social Skills & School Life > Tolerance

#26 in Books > Children’s Books > Arts, Music & Photography > Art > Painting

PS – The Magic Word is #5 in the Tolerance category also!

A Nice Thank-you and Endorsement…

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

I received the following message from a mother (and grandmother) about my new book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece.  Thank you, Donna…

Sherrill S. Cannon’s newest book “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” is now available and Cassandra and Addie ofAddie’s Angels were 2 of the Junior Reviewers on it. They are so excited that it is now released. The book is really awesome and teaches a very good lesson to the children. All children should have at least one copy of each of Sherrill’s books. My grandbaby who is 3 before her books would not sit down to listen to a book before and with these books, she actually brings them to me. She knows the words by heart now. They are worth every penny and 50% of the proceeds (through CureJm Fundraiser) also go to CURE JM to help children like Cassandra and Addie and many more children that suffer from this horrible debilitating disease.

Thank you to my Awesome Junior Reviewers – Addie, Alexandra, Brenna and Cassandra

Print Proof Arrived!

Print Proof Arrived!

I am pleased to share my reviews from my Junior Reviewers, who helped me determine the appeal of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece to young readers.  I can’t thank them enough for their enthusiastic responses!  (I asked them to not share the book with anyone before it was published.  I also found it gratifying that they had different opinions on whether the child was a girl or boy – “perception/perspective” again.)  Thanks (in alphabetical order) to –

From Addie – Age 8:

“Thank you for showing me your book. I haven’t told anybody. I like that your book rhymes.  I bet she felt bad that she forgot to put her name on the painting. One time I forgot to put my name on my paper and then I had to write my name 100 times on a piece of paper. I also like that her painting got up on the wall at the mall. I think she did feel bad that the other people did not believe that was her painting because I would.    It was funny when everybody was disagreeing on what her painting was. It was funny when her painting flew into the air and twisted and turned.  I think that was amazing that she won the prize even though they didn’t know what her painting was.  Thank you again for showing me another great book that you wrote!”

(Addie is also in two of the illustrations – wearing a pink dress and holding My Fingerpaint Masterpiece in one of the scenes!)

From Alexandra – Age 10:

“I liked The Fingerpaint Masterpiece. It was awesome when the painting blew away and started the whole problem. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is perfect for young readers.”

From Brenna – Age 8:

“I love The Fingerpaint Masterpiece because it’s a cool story. My favorite part was when the boy painted the picture in school. I loved the pretty illustrations and the rhyming words in this book.”

(Sisters Brenna and Alexandra were kind enough to read the story for me, before there were any illustrations, to help me decide which book to publish this time.  So they already have a preview of my next one to be published in 2015!)

From Cassandra – Age 15:

“I think this book teaches a lot of good morals and values to the kids who read My Fingerpaint Masterpiece. The story teaches to always sign your papers and complete your work, always explain to your parents what happened including not to lie about what happened. Also, if you’re ever told to come straight home after some place, you should go home. I love the rhymes, and the wording in the story! I have read the book to my niece and she absolutely loved it! To top it off I thought the book was absolutely adorable. I would recommend this book to anyone for their kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.”

(Cassandra is my Teen Reviewer, and is also illustrated in one of the scenes – See if you can find the teenager!!)

So a big, heartfelt Thank-You to all of you!!!

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Sherrill S. Cannon available on

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

I’m thrilled to announce that my newest rhyming book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, is now available at

Please click here: – My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

It is also available on the CureJM Fundraiser site, for those who would like to have 50% of the cost of the book go to the CureJM Foundation.

A brief synopsis:

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece deals with perspective, perception and self-esteem as a child paints artwork in class, and later discovers it as part of the town’s Art Contest.

According to the Back Cover,
Have you ever seen a “work of art” worth millions, which looks like something your child just brought home from school?  The dual perspective of “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” and just a little bit of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is evident in this clever artwork story of a child who paints a fingerpaint print in class and then loses it in the wind on the way home.  Illustrated from the point of view of a child, whose identity is left to the imagination of the reader since all of the illustrations are what the child sees, the fingerpaint print is interpreted by official “judges” as well as by bystanders. Should people be influenced by what others see, or use their own self-esteem to make their own judgments?

The illustrations by Kalpart are awesome!  They have created this artwork “masterpiece” within the book… I hope you will share your thoughts with me!




Feathered Quill Book Review of Manner-Man!

I just received the following lovely review of Manner-Man by Feathered Quill Book Reviews:

Children’s Picture Books




By: Sherrill S. Cannon
Illustrated by: Kalpart
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1622124787
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: February 15, 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … no, it’s not one of those other superheroes, this time it’s Manner-Man, the superhero who helps children deal with bullies and other misbehaving children.

As the story opens, we meet a young boy who has been bullied by another boy. He’s upset and tells his mother what happened and gets some excellent advice. That night, he thinks about what his mom said, and soon falls asleep and dreams about Manner-Man:

“Call upon Manner-Man; he’ll save the day
And help all good children to share when they play…”

The next day at school, two boys are fighting. Fortunately, our young protagonist knows just what to do:

I put up my hand, from the tips came a flash,
And Manner-Man came, just as if I had asked.
He stopped all the fighting and arguing too,
And then he told them what they needed to do:

Manner-Man is smart, he knows the way to stop the fighting is not to push back. Instead he tells the children to use words, words to explain that fighting is not cool; words to explain that sharing is more fun. He also cautions that words can hurt too, and explains that calling people names is not kind and will hurt feelings.

Manner-Man helps the children through many tough situations, from the bullies who push and shove, to the teddy bear snatchers, and those who don’t know how to say “please” and “thank you.” Soon most of the kids at school are calling on Manner-Man to help and they all know that,

No matter the problem, no matter the crime,
Manner-Man saves the day, time after time.
He teaches good manners, so take his advice:
If someone starts shoving, just shout out “Not nice!”

Normally I don’t use as much text from a children’s book in my reviews, but I must confess that I just love the easy-flowing rhymes of Manner-Man and wanted to share that with readers. So many books that tell stories through rhyme have at least a few sections where the rhymes don’t quite work, where text is forced. Not so in this adventure tale! The whole story flowed so perfectly that I read it through three times – it was that much fun to read. Of course, the truly important question is, does the story work? The answer? Absolutely! Dealing with bullies is not easy for anybody, especially young children. As adults, we know that fighting back is NOT the way to deal with a bully, but the temptation to push back is strong with a child. Manner-Man uses his superpowers to teach children that that is not the way to stop bullying. The line, ‘If someone starts shoving, just shout out “Not nice!” is repeated numerous times in the story in slightly different variations. It’s an important lesson, and one that comes through loud and clear.

Finally, a review of Manner-Man would not be complete without mentioning the fantastic artwork. Created by Kalpart (a group of illustrators specializing in children’s books), the author has used this team for her other award-winning books. While I haven’t read the other books, the illustrations for Manner-Man are absolutely perfect. The drawings are bright, quite colorful, expressive, and eye-catching. They add the perfect finishing touch to a fun, creative book.

Quill says: A delightful book that not only entertains but also teaches children an important lesson.

For more information on Manner-Man, please visit the author’s website:

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece added to the CureJM Fundraiser Site!

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

My CureJM Fundraiser site,, now has my newest book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece available to order!  The book is $12.50, and 50% of that goes to the CureJM Foundation to try to help find a cure for this horrible incurable children’s disease, Juvenile Myositis…

There is also a place to add a name for my next book, which is under contract for 2015 (Further details to be forthcoming.)  Please remember that there are many CureJM names in this new book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, including Addie, Cassandra, Alyssa, Daisy, Jordy, Katie, Matthew, Maya, Eldon and Tristan!!  Let’s find a cure for these kids, teens and adults!!!

Fun Interview with David Chuka…

SSC13 copyI had a lovely interview with Author David Chuka that posted today:

Interview with David Chuka

Please check out the interview, since it’s too long to post here!

One of my favorite questions had to do with Valentine’s Day and my marriage of 53 years…  Here’s my advice!

You’ve been married for more than 53 years. With Valentines’ just round the corner, I’m interested to know what three things you’d say have helped both of you stay together?

Don’t hesitate to say you’re sorry.  (Love Story was wrong.  Love isn’t never having to say you’re sorry… Love is being able to say you’re sorry first!)

Don’t go to bed mad.

Families who pray together, stay together.


Awesome News! SBPRA clears name, with “no admission of guilt and no violation of the law!”

Please check out this wonderful resolution to the frivolous lawsuit, caused by allegations posted by several rumormongers…!!

Florida Literary Agency – Publisher Reaches Settlement on FDUTPA Litigation with Florida Attorney General

CEO at Publish On Demand GlobalTop Contributor

Hello Everyone:
I wanted to share this article with the group:

Robert Fletcher, CEO, successfully overcomes damaging allegations and declares that a settlement is a victory when dealing with any government agency.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

“Anytime a business settles litigation with a government agency with no admission of guilt and no violation of the law, it can be considered a victory,” said Robert Fletcher, the CEO of a group of companies that have been dealing with government litigation for over six years. “Unfortunately, most consumers believe that litigation equals guilt, but that simply isn’t true. Had we been guilty of anything, this particular no-admit clause would not have been in the settlement agreement.”

Whereas the Attorney General and the Settlement Defendants enter into this Settlement Agreement without any admission either of guilt, or that the Settlement Defendants have violated the law.

“This suit should never have been filed,” Mr. Fletcher continued. “If the litigation had any merit, they would have pushed it harder and not taken six years to deal with it. Furthermore, Theresa Edwards, the attorney who filed against us was asked to leave her job for ethical and competency issues and we believe that the former Attorney General, Bill McCollum allowed the suit to get more votes in a failed attempt to get re-elected. Mr. Fletcher went on to say that, “Settlement was the best action for our constituents as it allows us to concentrate on the future and not continue to pour money down the legal drain hole of America’s quasi-political legal process. Most importantly, we want our authors to realize that this litigation did not include our current businesses. The suit was only directed at older companies that had a completely different business model and had already been dissolved”.

Mr. Fletcher concluded by looking to the future. “With this settlement, our family of authors and employees can rest assured that our business principles are sound and fair. I am extremely happy for our authors, clients, and employees who have had to deal with the uncertainties of this misguided litigation for the last six years. We have now formally put this behind us and we feel stronger than ever. Let’s get back to business. We have our clients’ books to publish and sell and distribute around the world. And we would like any potential client that turned away from us because of this issue to please reconsider joining us.”

For more information, please contact:
Ellen Green, Press Manager