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Abby “LOVES the Fingerpaint book”

Abby LOVES my books!

Abby LOVES my books!

Note from Abby’s mother:

“This was the scene over here last night.  Abby LOVES the Fingerpaint book :)”

My comment:

I am happy to note that her VERY favorite book accompanies her during her reading experiences…

I certainly have beautiful readers!!!

Here are some more of them!!!

Beautiful Readers!

Beautiful Readers!

Beautiful Reader...

Beautiful Reader…

More Beautiful Readers!

More Beautiful Readers!

My Fan Club!

My Fan Club!

Beautiful Readers...

Beautiful Readers…

Beautiful Reader





Beautiful Reader...

Nice Review of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Leyla Atke

5-Star Review

5-Star Review

A real masterpiece!, March 31, 2014

This review is from: My Fingerpaint Masterpiece (Paperback)
“My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Sherrill S. Cannon is a charming
children’s book, accompanied by amazing illustrations. In her book,
Sherrill tells about a child who painted a fingerpaint in the school, but
did not finish it. On the way home he had a sudden trouble – the
painting was blown by the wind.

The story has a happy ending, when an unfinished project becomes an object of general attention and recognition. It wins a picture contest!

Having myself a little son, I know how kids love to paint and cherish their creations. Reading the book, I was full of emotions for the child and his picture. The illustrations are brilliant! It is such a cute story!

This beautifully illustrated book will make any child happy. I really enjoyed the plot and illustrations of the book. I would recommend this book to everyone who has a child.”

Thank you, Leyla!
Leyla is herself an author of an award-winning book  “Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat”  She lives in Denmark.

Thanks to all who have supported the CureJM Fundraiser!!

SBPRA received a nice Thank You from the CureJM Foundation. So Thank YOU to all of you who have supported the CureJM Fundraiser and allowed SBPRA to contribute 50% of the cost of the books to the CureJM Foundation!  My newest one, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, is now included as well – and the names of many CureJM kids are included in the Acknowledgements!



The Fundraiser Site is  Please join us and help find a cure for these kids!  You can also leave a name you would like included in my next 2015 book.  50% of the cost of the books goes directly to the CureJM Foundation.

Love this review of The Magic Word by Crystal’s Tiny Treasures!


The Magic Word by Sherrill S. Cannon is the third book that she’s written, and the winner of no less than six awards.  It’s a cute and uplifting tale about how good manners can affect your life.  We’ve previously reviewedManner-Man and Santa’s Birthday Gift by Ms. Cannon and this book follows her rhythmic rhyming style throughout and keeps the children captivated.The Magic Word review by Crystal's Tiny TreasuresMy children have loved the previous books they’ve read by Ms. Cannon and they couldn’t wait to read this one when they saw what was in a surprise package from Ms. Cannon one morning!Opening a surprise package from Sherrill S. Cannon, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, great books for children, books about good manners, photoThe Magic  Word is the story of Elisabeth Keys who does as she would please, but soon finds out being rude and inconsiderate will bring her to her knees.  No one wants to go to her birthday party.  She doesn’t understand why and is upset.  Her mother sits down with her and explains that Elisabeth’s actions have not been very sociable and tells her some important strategies she can use to try to turn things around.

It doesn’t take long before everyone in Elisabeth’s class,including her teacher has RSVP’d to her party invitations and she’s made herself some friends.  What started out as a sad story turned out well with the addition of the Magic Word.

The Magic Word preview, Sherrill S. Cannon books, photo

The above image was taken from Freado, where you’ll find a sample of The Magic Word as Ms. Cannon likes her readers to have a sneak preview of her work.  ”I love the music of words, and I try to help children hear that music…”  If you like what you see, you can find out more about Sherrill on her webpage, follow her on Facebook, or learn more about raising money for the JM Foundation.

Sherrill is the mother of four children and is Grandmother to ten!  She loves to travel from coast to coast visiting her family and no-doubt finds lots of inspiration along the way for future books and plays (yes, she also writes plays!).

I’ve always know the Magic Word phrase growing up and I’m pleased to see it’s still around today!  Being polite and respectful are two of the most important rules in our home.  Inevitably there are times each of us (yes, even us parents) can get a little lazy and forget so we all help give each other gentle reminders when needed.

If the children say “I want that”, I remind them it sounds much nicer to hear “May I have some juice, please?”.  Then they smile and  rephrase their request with a sparkle in their eye.  Kallista is so cute this week being polite and using the Magic Word, I mean actually saying “I’ve said the Magic Word!” after politely asking for a cup of water.  And we’re working on Phil saying “Give that to me”.  But he may be a tougher nut to crack!

The Magic Word carries a good message for the playground, school, nursery, daycare, and family situations.  Tristan says about The Magic Word, “It’s awesome!  All of it is my favourite book.  Daddy can read it, too.  It’s all about manners.  What kind of manners should you use?  Please and thank you.  Excuse me.  May I have a turn, please?  I think loads of people should read this book.  Who ever does not have good manners.”  And I whole-heartedly agree with my son on his opinion of The Magic Word!


Lovely note from Alyssa’s Mom…

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

I received a lovely note from a parent about My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, and was given permission to share:

“We’ve just received our copy of My Fingerprint Masterpiece and it is a masterpiece itself. Alyssa was so excited to see her name in the book. My girls really enjoyed the story and I love the messages in your stories. We’re hooked on your books. My thanks to you for all you do to help us fight to cure JM. You’re amazing!!!!”
I will also post this on my new Kid Review page.  I think that’s a great review!!!

Manner-Man is the Winner of the Reader Views Awards – Age 6-8

Reader Views Winner!

Reader Views Winner!

Just announced! So excited!!!

Manner-Man is the WINNER of the Reader Views Awards!!!

How cool is that?  Love it!!!

Subject: Reader Views Literary Awards



First Place: Manner-Man, Sherill S.Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Second Place: Planting a Seed Inside Myself, Juliana Mendonca, Planting a Seed Books
Honorable Mention: My Pack, Walter F.Todd, Outskirts Press