Note from Addie’s Grandma Judi


imageRemember this note from Addie’s Grandma Judi? Well she just changed her FB profile, and I wanted to share it with all of you!


SBPRA received a lovely note from Addie’s grandmother in response to the SBPRA Press Release about the CureJM Fundraiser. I asked for permission to share…


“I am Addie’s grandma and you can not imagine how much I appreciate the SBPRA involvement in Sherrill Cannon’s donations to CureJM. Thank you Robert Fletcher, CEO, for your kind interest in Addie’s disease. It breaks my heart to watch what Addie goes through. But, she is one tough little cookie. She had a procedure done on her big toe this week for an infection, made the 2nd trip to U of MN Children’s Clinic in 2 weeks today. She sees a Rheumatologist and Dermatologist there. They drive 4 way, so she is exhausted when she has to make that trip. We are fortunate though that they live that close to a wonderful facility with Doctors who treat JDM. My daughter and her husband are so involved in her treatment and they consider life since diagnosis their ‘New norm’. It is very hard on them emotionally, physically and financially. You can’t believe what her meds alone cost every month. Dad is a farmer, so it can be scary for them sometimes. My point of writing though is to simply let you know Addie and the rest of us appreciate what your company is doing by helping Sherrill do what she does for her and the other children who are part of the CureJM family! Thank you and God Bless~”

Thanks Grandma Judi…










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