“Manner-Man” is a Hit!!!

Superhero!Sherrill Cannon does it again with this fun rhyming story intended to make children think about their decisions and be mindful of their own actions. I read this story to my daycare children and it was a complete hit!

Manner-Man is a unique story done in a way that I have never seen before. Children immediately connect with this book because it is fun to read with the rhyming words, yet delivers a powerful and meaningful story to children everywhere. My daycare children sat in silence as they were clinging to every word read to them. They loved the colorful and vivid illustrations and this book left them talking for days. Manners have never been so fun at my daycare and they now have a pride in using manners while being praised for them at the same time.

Manner-Man saves the day over and over again in this powerful story. He encourages children to use their words and stand up for others. What I loved especially about this book is that it got my children thinking about their own actions. Anytime a book can have that powerful of an impact on small children, you know it has done its job! The children also absolutely LOVED that Jimmy from the Gimme-Jimmy book made a cameo in Manner-Man! They thought that was the neatest thing to see Jimmy in TWO books! I love a good children’s book, but this one is GREAT! Upon request from the children, I read this book over and over all week long with them reacting like it was the first time. Manner-Man is at the top of my list of great children’s books to recommend to every parent, daycare provider, teacher and parent

Sherrill S. Cannon is a powerful and uniquely talented children’s book author and she delivers on every one of her books! I am going to get Sherrill’s complete collection of books and read to my daycare children on a daily basis. These are the only books that have stirred up conversations and made the children react in a way that I have never witnessed before. Thank you, Sherrill, you have made a huge fan out me and my daycare children. Manner-Man is an absolute hit!!!’

Thank you so much to this DayCare professional, Rita Vetsch, who is also an award winning author!

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