Lovely Review for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece from Marta Moran Bishop – Best Children’s Book of the Month!

Lovely Review by Marta Moran Bishop for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece.


My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Sherrill S. Cannon, is probably one of my favorite of her children’s books, for its message is more subtle. It tells a story of the importance of truth, learning to recognize and accept one’s own work for both the things one likes and those one doesn’t like.Yet its meaning is deeper and purer than that, for Ms. Cannon clearly understands a child’s view of the world, there is a sense of color and majesty in this story and its meaning delicately put.

Ms. Cannon recognizes that most children are a bit impatient with sitting still and finishing something when other things are calling. She also clearly understands that they are not necessarily pleased with the result when they feel it isn’t good enough for the world to see. My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, tells us just how sensitive a child’s view of themselves can be and the nurturing us adults must teach, by both our actions and reactions.

Ms. Cannon has written another masterpiece of children’s literature in her new book. Its subtle messages of learning honesty even if few believe you while allowing us as adults to recognize that children see grown-ups clearly.

The illustrations are colorful and beautifully done.

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