Another 5-Star Review for Manner-Man

Manner-Man - Award Winner

Manner-Man – Award Winner

Thank you, Leyla Atke, for this nice review of Manner-Man!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Manner-Man will teach kids good manners!, April 11, 2014
This review is from: Manner-Man (Kindle Edition)
Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book which teaches kids good manners. Manner-Man – the main hero of the book, comes to help children when the right action must be done. Manner-Man teaches children what is right and what is wrong, and tells them exactly what to do in a difficult situation when the action is required. Manner-Man exists in children’s imagination only but his role is very important. Wonderful illustrations give a clear picture of how he looks and what he actually does.Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon is a perfect guiding book for children of early ages, when they must learn good manners. Beautiful illustrations add a great value to the book. I would recommend this book to every parent who has a small child!
Leyla Atke is the author of Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat

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