Gimme-Jimmy has another nice review – Thanks, Leyla Atke!

Winner of 5 Awards

Winner of 5 Awards

Nice Review of Gimmy-Jimmy, thanks to Leyla Atke!

Gimmy-Jimmy is about how a bully learns to share, and the book will be part of the new Fundraiser for the imbullyfree organization!  Please stay tuned for further updates.

“Gimme-Jimmy by Sherrill S. Cannon is another great children’s book teaching kids good manners and to share with friends. Gimme-Jimmy is a boy with bad manners who takes everything and claims he owns it. That’s why he is called Gimme-Jimmy.
Very soon, he faces a very unpleasant fact: every time he says “Gimme” his right hand begins to grow in size and becomes huge. He despairs and asks his father to help him. Father advises him to be polite with others and share with them. Jimmy needs to work hard to make his hand normal again. The story has a happy ending: Jimmy is a boy with good manners now and he shares everything with his friends. And his name is actually James now!
I loved this cute book because it has a good moral. It teaches kids what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. The illustrations are wonderful. I would highly recommend this book for children of ages 3-6.”

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