Nice Review by Naila Moon for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

See Art with your Heart

See Art with your Heart

Naila Moon gave My Fingerpaint Masterpiece a “5 hand painted stars” rating – and even provided a video review.

Naila Moon Review

Here is the review she left on amazon

I initially reviewed this book via YouTube but I cannot add the link here which is unfortunate. (Hint, go look under her name on Goodreads and you will find it.)
So, what to say…
Ah, buy this book! Seriously! As I said in the title, it is worth every penny and ounces of paint you can find.
I loved this book. The whole book is written in rhyme. So often books attempting rhyme falls flat but not Sherrill Cannon’s book. Her use of imagery is fantastic. To add to the already adorable-ness of this book are the illustrations. The brightness and realness of them is by far worth it all.

I particularly loved the one page where the judge is looking sideways. That reminded me of being in art galleries and looking at art sideways with total wonderment. The expressions on the people’s faces are priceless too.
There is also secrets in this book that I am not going to reveal here.

If this is not enough, the book also recently won the Pinnacle Award for Book Excellence. If you are not familiar with the award, let me tell you that it is a big deal.

As I said, buy the book and find out for yourself.
5 handpainted stars from me!

~Naila Moon

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