Awesome Recommendation!!!

Bh-2WshIYAAA8r0Kait Neese, Vice-President – Publish on Demand Global, wrote a wonderful recommendation for me on LinkedIn.  I am proud to share it, and only hope that I can live up to it!!

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Mrs. Cannon and her series of award winning children’s books for over four years now. She is an inspiration, not only for myself, but for our company and our other authors published through SBPRA. She has embraced the technological revolution and used every element of digital + social to fuel the success of her writing career. Additionally she is a writer committed to providing quality children’s books packed full of life lessons. The kind of lessons I hope my future children could learn from. She is a supporter of all things indie, passionate about anti-bullying and a true social media guru. It is authors like Sherrill who make “new era” publishing what it is today. Not only is she a talented writer but she also instills a common mission for our entire organization to keep trying to change the world one book at a time. Thank you Mrs. Cannon, for all the life lessons you have given me through our experiences working together over these last few years. I will never forget them.”

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