Lovely Review by Joyce Mitchell for The Magic Word…



I found a lovely review on amazon for The Magic Word which I hadn’t seen – and wanted to share it here:  Thank you so much,  Joyce!

Joyce L. Mitchell reviewed The Magic Word
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PLEASE & THANK YOU June 1, 2014
Cover Art: Adorable

ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK BY SHERRILL S CANNON! The Magic Word is a wonderful story told in rhyme about a little girl with no manners at all; she took what she wanted whenever she could; she made fun of people, at school she would push through the lunch lines. She did not treat people with respect at all! When it came time to invite her little friends to her birthday party, she received no replies in the mail. No one’s coming to the party! Why, Mom? This makes little Elisabeth very sad and her mother sits her down to explain that maybe, just maybe her manners have cost her all her friendships. It’s time for a change! Love these stanzas:

There is a Magic word
To use when you’re in need,
So give a smile and shout it out:
The magic word is PLEASE!

There are some other words
That bring a magic touch:
When someone does nice things for you,
Say “Thank you, very much!”

Love the brightly colored illustrations! Ms. Cannon really has a knack for the written word and your child would definitely benefit from this book. Great for all ages and would make a wonderful bedtime story! Get your copy today–see what happens to Elisabeth.



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