Another 5-Star Review for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece…

See Art With Your Heart

See Art With Your Heart

I found this lovely review on amazon and wanted to share…


The beauty within the eye of the beholder and the beauty of giving.

I gave this book to my god daughter as a gift so she could read it to her coming three year old. She and her daughter love it and her little girl has it read to her as a bedtime story. It is a wonderful book for children filled with excellent illustrations by Kalpart done so beautifully to enhance the story. Children should learn about individualism and creating value for themselves and their value system. Something such as a painting can be worth one million dollars in the eyes of other people and one can know what the value is of their work within themselves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and knowing what is of value to oneself is the most important learning for young ones.

I highly recommend this book and it is wonderful to gift over and over again!

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