Manner-Man a Finalist in the CLIPP Awards Contest!

I received this exciting news that Manner-Man was selected as a Finalist in the CLIPPA 2014 Contest.  

Dear Sherrill ,

Your book was selected to be a finalist in the 2014 Children’s Literature Independently Published Principals’ Award. The selection wasn’t easy. Our panelists finally selected five finalists as well as a few honorable mentions for each category. Please share the news with your friends, family and fans! Each day we will highlight a different finalist on various Facebook groups.

Your book, along with the other finalists, is on its way to the judges who will select the winner of each – to be announced October 1. Good luck!

2014 Finalists!
Posted on August 10, 2014 by CLIPPA Team Award — 
So many wonderful children’s books were submitted to the 2014 Children’s Literature Independently Published Principal’s Award (CLIPPA) that even selecting finalists was difficult. Our reading specialists, authors and teachers checked each nominated book against the CLIPPA criteria and then selected the best as finalists to go on to the panel of principals for judging. The finalists are listed below for Categories Grades K-2 and Grades 3-4, including brief descriptions of each book. The books are listed in no particular order. (There are also some honorable mentions listed in each category. While they will not move on to the final judging, the preliminary finalist selection panel wanted them represented as also being wonderful examples of self-published children’s books).


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: Books are generally picture books in which illustrations enhance or tell part of the story. Children in 2nd grade should be able to read the text with limited or no assistance. Books are appropriate to read to younger children.

8 Awards for Manner-Man!

8 Awards for Manner-Man!

Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon

Manner-Man is a super hero who teaches children to share, be polite and make friends. Manner-man shows up and helps resolve conflicts. Book clearly lays out “polite rules” for kids to follow and addresses bullying situations and ways to deal with them.

22 pages, soft cover

Author: Sherrill S. Cannon Illustrator: Kalpart

Educational Value: Teaches good manners; addresses bullying

Please check the link for the Finalists to read about the other Finalists and Honorable Mentions!

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