Nice Comment from the Imbullyfree Organization about Manner-Man being a CLIPPA Finalist

Manner-Man is Bully Bear's Superhero

Manner-Man is Bully Bear’s Superhero

Bud Collier posted in Bully Bear Speaks the Truth
“This is an update on Mrs. Cannon books . She is an award winning author and she is giving back to Cure JM and to Bully Bear. Bear Hug to you Sherrill and thanks for helping us with our kids.”

Please help us raise funds for Imbullyfree and get award-winning books at the same time! Help stop bullying at an early age! Please remember that “Manner-Man” is the imbullyfree kids Superhero, and helps kids cope with bullying. The book is part of the Fundraiser at where 50% of the cost of Sherrill S Cannon’s award-winning children’s books goes to Please leave a name to be included in her 2015 book! Please help stop bullying!!

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