Manner-Man is a Finalist in the KART Foundation Competition

Manner-Man a Finalist in the KART Competition

Manner-Man a Finalist in the KART Competition

Unexpected good news in my email today.  

Thank you for contacting the KART Foundation. We are so very sorry for the delay in our response. We have spent all summer switching our servers and data centers over to its new location at KART Kids DBN. Due to the massive amount of entires we are still working on the 2014 list and won’t be able to announce the 2014 winners until October. I checked the data base and I can tell you that your book “Manner-Man” has made the finals…

All The Best,



Terica Lynn Swangin
KART Digital Broadcasting Network (KART-DBN)
KART Foundation

(From the KART Website:  “The Kids Are Readers Too (KART) Foundation is the private philanthropy division of PediNatural®. The KART Foundation believes that introducing many types of literacy at an early age will allow children to naturally master the developmental milestones that are essential to solid learning foundations. In addition to our own commitment of promoting and implementing children’s literacy programs and services, …The KART Kids Book List is a free yearly competition assembled to introduce children’s books with age appropriate content that we consider memorable and will enhance the gift of learning as a child grows. Titles for the list are picked by the a selection committee. The list is currently hosted by the KART Digital Broadcasting Network.”)

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