Lorilyn Roberts shares some feedback from her trip to Nepal

IMG_1504 copyMy books have arrived in Nepal, to be shared with the orphans there…  Lorilyn Roberts, founder of the John 3:16 Network, has traveled there to donate books and to read to the children.  Many wonderful authors donated books for the trip.

Lorilyn writes:

“I have much to say about my amazing time here in Nepal. Will be teaching Sunday school to the 8 to 10 year olds. Will have the best opportunity to share today our books when I will meet the most children. Will write more later today The kids read amazingly well…”

I'm glad I included my cards!

I’m glad I included my cards!

“One thing that struck me is the difference the private education is making for the adopted kids in the Child Hope International homes. The children in the homes are very fluid in speaking English and reading books, and not just beginning books, but at a pretty high level. Today at church, kids not sponsored by Child Hope International could barely understand English. Ram had said the public education was not very good, and I could see the stark contrast. I have no doubt that the children who are learning English will thoroughly enjoy the books we brought… No doubt, the children who were orphaned and who have been adopted by the families in the Child Hope International program have been given an amazing opportunity to rise above their circumstances and do something with their life they would never have had an opportunity to receive any other way. The kids we met are happy, delightful, and smart. It’s amazing what opportunity does for kids who only need to be given that opportunity.”

1 thought on “Lorilyn Roberts shares some feedback from her trip to Nepal

  1. llwroberts

    Sherrill, the kids loved your books in Nepal. I have some more pictures I need to find and send you to share with your readers. I read your book to the children in one of the homes and they were spellbound. Thank you so much for donating your books to this wonderful adventure for Jesus Christ.



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