Please remember the CureJM kids!

This is Addie! This is Addie![/

please remember that everyone can help by getting great books for kids and grandkids (and their friends) and support CureJM at the same time! Please visit the on-going CureJM Fundraiser at where 50% of the cost of my award-winning children’s books goes to the CureJM Foundation. The names of many JM kids are included in “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece”! Please leave a name to be included in my 2015 book! Please help us find a cure for kids like Addie, Cassandra, Daisy, Alyssa, Maci, Matthew, Maya, Clara, Eldon, Tristan, Jaden, Abi and all the other JM kids – and the many adults who also have this horrible disease!!!

6 thoughts on “Please remember the CureJM kids!

      1. writersideup

        I thought so! lol…we’re probably following each other and I don’t know it lol…but it’s not here on your blog page and you don’t have share (for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) buttons. You need them! πŸ™‚


    1. writersideup

      It’s easy, Sherrill πŸ™‚ On your WordPress dashboard, go to “Settings” then to “Sharing” then scroll down to “Share Buttons” and follow the directions and make sure to “save changes” when you’re done πŸ™‚

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