5 Stars for Gimme-Jimmy!



Another 5-Star Review for Gimme-Jimmy titled “Share and Be Kind”  – Thank you Naila Moon!

“This book is one of a series of books that the author has done to teach children manners. This time she approaches the subject of not sharing and being a bully, which by the way, has a running theme throughout all of her books.

As with the last book I read from Sherrill S, Cannon, this books is somewhat of a “moral” book that takes note of ones actions. In this case, Jimmy who constantly takes things from people, doesn’t share, and who is just not nice to people learns that he will be in big trouble every time that he says “gimme”.
I found what happens to Jimmy humorous but it also made the point quite well and he learns his lesson. Children reading this book will make the connections needed but will also find the humor in it too.

As with all the books I have read from this author, her poetry is top notch and the illustrations that go with it always match well. Her illustrator is fantastic and she uses the same one throughout all of her books which brings a consistency I have come to expect.

In the back of the book she notes that she has hidden some of her previous books within the pages of “Gimme-Jimmy”. She invites the reader to see if they can be found. What fun!

This a simply awesome book and a book that should be on the “must read” list. 5 stars from me!”… Naila Moon

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