Thank you Addie and Cassie, my Jr. Reviewers!!

Are You a Good Listener?

Are You a Good Listener?

My Jr. Reviewers are awesome!  Thank you to Addie and Cassie for sending me their reviews for Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My!  They did these reviews for me before the book was published, even before we had illustrations, and have helped me a great deal!  Both Addie and Cassie are CureJM warriors, and Cassie also suffers with Juvenile Arthritis.  I especially love Addie’s insight into teacher’s behavior and parental support!


Addie – age 10:  (Addie has had Juvenile Myositis since she was 3, and is my “CureJM Kid”.

Dear Sherrill,

Thank you for letting me read your book! It was amazing! I like it when she got web mixed up thinking a spiders web is what her teacher said when it was actually the schools page! Also it was funny when she got female mixed up. Because she thought only females had to go and see the spiders and mice there by themselves when she actually said we were going to use e-mail. That’s happened to me. It was good of her to know she could go to her mom. I hope all kids know they have their parents or somebody that they know they could go to when they’re sad or have a problem. Rosemary’s teacher seemed to be nice about her mixups! I like teachers like that who are nice about your mistakes and help you with other problems to like math if you have trouble with it! I like rhyming because it makes books fun and I like to read rhyming books a lot. Your books are so good you’re so talented! I think a lot of kids go through what you’ve written! Your books inspire kids to stand up or don’t be ashamed of what happens just know someone will always be there for you and think of the positive! I like that your books tell you how to behave! Thank you for all you do for Cure JM!! I can’t wait to see when the finished book comes out!

Thanks for sharing with me, Addie

Cassandra – age 17 (who shares them with her niece, 4-yr-old Ashlyn)

I love how the book teaches that you don’t always hear the right thing and if you don’t you should always ask, instead of assuming. I have read the book to myself a bunch of times because it’s a catchy and good story all around. The book is a wonderful story to read and I loved it! I would definitely recommend this book to people! Also, loved how you intertwined a little bit of rhymes, that makes it more fun to read!

Thank you, Cassie Calkins

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