Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! has another 5-star review!

Are You a Good Listener?

Are You a Good Listener?

Thank you to Author Karen Vaughn for this nice review!


Sometimes it helps for kids to listen before jumping to the wrong conclusions. When Rosemary decides she no longer wants to go to school based on what she thought she heard her teacher say about getting mice, webs, and she assumes, if there are webs there must be spiders. Wanting to be sure she heard right Rosemary’s mom takes her to the school to get some answers to her fears. After the teacher clarifies the situation, Rosemary feels a lot better and realizes she really should have listened better and discovers a neat surprise for the class.

This was very well written and teaches a lesson about listening better. It also teaches young kids about computers and the internet through Rosemary facing her fears. Like Ms. Cannon’s other books, it is written in rhyme and is easy to read and follow. I thought it was a cute read even as an adult.

MICE, SPIDERS AND WEBS…OH MY! is a five star read and recommended for children ages 6-8.”

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