Great Review for Mice and Spiders and Webs…Oh My!

Pinnacle Achievement Winner

Pinnacle Achievement Winner

So pleased to have the following review for Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! from Sarah Mazor of Mazor Books – and founder of the Facebook Groups, Children’s Books with Good Values and also Books for Young Adults and Children

Entertaining and informative.
By Sarah Mazor on June 17, 2015

“Another excellent book for children by award-winning author, Sherrill S. Cannon. In “Mice & Spiders & Webs… Oh’ My!” Ms. Cannon introduces kids to contemporary technology and communications devices in a very clever and fun fashion. The protagonist, little Rosemary, misunderstands what she hears in class and dreads going back to school for fear of mice & spider webs, not realizing that it was all computer talk. Entertaining and informative. Highly recommended.”

Thank you, Sarah!

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