The Magic Word…5-Star Review!

What is the Magic Word?

What is the Magic Word?

I received a “belated” review of The Magic Word from Patricia Kemp Blackmon which is awesome…

“This story is about a little girl named Elizabeth Keys. Like a lot of children her age she thinks of what she wants not considering the feelings of others.

Elisabeth and her mother are planning a party for her birthday. She has invited all of her classmates. She finds out the hard way that because of her bad manners and her selfishness she has no friends. None of her classmates have RSVP about coming to her party.

Why would anyone want to attend her party? She cut in line, took things from others and would not share. If someone did something nice for her she was rude to them.

This story is full of rhymes making it a fun way to learn the value of manners. Especially remembering to say the Magic Word. What can that Magic Word be? Can you guess?

The illustrator has created the perfect characters for this story and if you pay close attention in your minds eye the story comes alive bringing the rhyming words and illustrations together in this outstanding book to teach your child a lesson about manners and making friends.

I highly recommend this book!

Rated this book 5 out of 5.

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